Welcome to the Listening mini-test.

This mini-test offers you part of Section 3 of a practice Listening test, with 8 questions
(Time: about 6 minutes). 

In the actual IELTS Listening Test you would have about 30 minutes to listen to 4 sections, and complete 40 questions. Sections 1 and 2 of an IELTS Listening test would usually be easier than Sections 3 and 4.

What to do

• Please listen only once without the transcript, just as in the actual IELTS Listening.
(Start the recording by clicking on the 'PLAY' triangle in the top right corner above the questions)

• Choose one answer for each question; don't leave any questions unanswered
• Then, check your final score and read your personal feedback.
• Study the Answers and HELP sections with the audio transcript.

We also invite you to try the other mini-tests on this site, or look at the internationally successful IELTS on Track Academic and General Training books and e-books you can buy.


Thank you for visiting   
Good luck with your practice and with the IELTS test!


With Transcript Without Transcript

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