Welcome to the Speaking mini-test. 

This mini-test enables you to listen to and then practise Part 1 of a sample, IELTS-style Speaking test 
(Time needed: from 3–5 minutes).

In the actual IELTS Speaking Test, the interview has three parts and lasts for about 11-14 minutes.
Part 1 takes 4-5 minutes.

What to do

•  First, listen to the interview extract, without the transcript, and try to answer the comprehension questions
The START button is in the top right corner of the page. Use a pen and paper to write your answers)

Note: the questions are there to give you a listening task; they are not part of a normal IELTS interview. 

•  Next, check your answers, using the interview transcript. 

•  Then, read the comments on the candidate’s performance. 

•  Finally, using the interview transcript, answer each of the interviewer’s questions aloud yourself, as if you are being interviewed. Record your answers on a personal recorder if you can, for comparison.


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Thank you for visiting  Good luck with your practice and with your actual IELTS test.

With Transcript Without Transcript

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