About the authors

Prof Stephen Slater

Stephen is an international English Language author, publisher and educator.

Educated in the UK, he was until 1998 Associate Director, Centre for Applied Linguistics in the University of South Australia (CALUSA), then Professor of International Communication at Heian Jogakuin University, Osaka, Japan, returning to Australia in 2004 to focus on writing and publishing.

Stephen is an IELTS veteran of more than 25 years, having been a test Administrator, IELTS researcher, assessor, conference and workshop presenter, and tutor of professionals seeking to increase their IELTS score.


During the 1980s and ’90s Stephen was writing for Cambridge University Press, and co-authored more than 10 English language learning textbooks with CUP. In Australia, he has co-written, edited and published many IELTS books, including the popular IELTS on Track, and IELTS Success Formula series.

Donna Millen

Born and educated in Canada, Donna has a Masters Degree in Language and Literature. From 1986-2001 she coordinated English Language Programs at the University of South Australia, working with immigrant and international students.


Donna has co-authored three books: On Examination, a preparation for the Occupational English Test and the two books in the IELTS on Track series. She lives in British Columbia, Canada working on environmental projects.

Simone Braverman

Simone was originally a university graduate in IT. She is also the founder of www.IELTS-Blog.com, a world-renowned website for IELTS preparation, visited by nearly 2 million people every year. Simone’s mission is to help busy people achieve a high score in IELTS, She has spent years working with IELTS test takers, and at the same time developing proven test techniques


Simone is the co-author of the IELTS Success Formula series. Her other, IELTS preparation books – Ace the IELTS, and Target Band 7 achieved the highest user ratings on Amazon.com with the largest number of positive reviews.