Frequently Asked Questions


Could you say a little more about your IELTS on Track Test Practice and IELTS Success Formula books?

They are internationally successful, two-book series of IELTS test practice and preparation books each with CDs, giving practice and preparation in all four parts of the IELTS test. The books were written by highly experienced, university-educated authors, with specialist IELTS knowledge, in collaboration with the Centre for English Language in the University of South Australia (CELUSA). The books are also available in lower-cost, e-book formats.

Are your materials up-to-date?
Our books and e-books are updated to take account of the most significant changes in the IELTS test.

How much do your print books cost?
Our shopping pages show our prices. You can compare exchange rates at Universal Currency Converter

How much are your books in bookshops?

Prices vary, of course, but in Australia the books cost at least Au$60-70 in language bookshops, often more, and postal costs would be extra for books ordered by phone, or online.

What are the delivery costs if I buy a print book?
Delivery is FREE
to customers in Australia. Our delivery costs for overseas orders are a standard Au$20.

For lower delivery costs, customers in some overseas locations should order from our UK distributors (www.bebc.co.uk)

How long will it take for my print book to arrive?
Most books ordered within Australia should arrive within 7 days, depending on the particular destination and when your order is received. Overseas orders will generally take longer.

Is there a refund on your books?
Yes, under the following circumstances:
1) If your book suffers significant damage in transit you can obtain a replacement, if the book is sent back to our contact address for confirmation of damage.
2) If your book fails to arrive and we are unable to track it, you are eligible for a replacement.
Put requests for refunds to: books@ieltsontrack.com
The Australian government’s consumer information is at:  www.accc.gov.au

Can your books be ordered by book distributors, universities, colleges, schools and bookshops?
YES. IELTSonTrack.com welcomes approaches from professional book distributors, bookshops, universities, colleges and language schools in all countries, especially from those countries where our books are not yet well known. Lower prices can be negotiated for larger orders.

Why is some of the sales income from IELTS on Track given to charity?
It is our moral responsibility to demonstrate some level of sensitivity towards people living very difficult lives in other parts of the world. Our contribution to Medecins Sans Frontieres is just a small token of this.

Is there copyright restriction on IELTS on Track books?
YES. IELTS on Track is copyright material, as indicated by the symbol ©. When you buy our books or e-Books you are buying a personal copy only. Any additional copying without a licence and without the written permission of the copyright holders is strictly illegal. There is a growing level of policing of unauthorised copying internationally. The authors belong to the Copyright Agency of Australia (CAL).



What is an e-book?
An e-book is an ‘electronic’ book. This means that it is in an electronic form, not made of paper. If you buy an e-book you pay less for it and you download (transfer) it in pdf format to your own computer, read it on your own screen, and can print out one, personal copy.  If the book has listening tests or recorded interviews you will also download audio material in MP3 format.

Is the content of your e-Books the same as that in the print books?

Yes. The e-book content is almost the same as the content in the print books. We are offering e-Book versions to provide customers with faster, more flexible lower cost study options.

Is the content of IELTS on Track e-books A/B the same as in Listening, Reading Writing and Speaking e-books?
Yes. We have created e-books with different configurations to allow customers more flexibility. Some IELTS candidates, for example, only need practice in one IELTS skill and prefer a book devoted only to that skill; other candidates need practice across the whole IELTS skill range.

Why buy an e-book for IELTS test practice?
Many people today have computers and are connected to the internet, but they may not live near to specialist English language bookshops, or, if they do, good IELTS test practice books from overseas may be expensive. Buying one of our e-books is a way of bringing high quality IELTS practice materials straight to you cheaply. An e-book will be cheaper than a normal print book because no postal costs are involved. If your country has a slow postal service, there is no stress associated with waiting for delivery.

What sort of computer do I need to download an e-book?
Our e-books are in the form of pdf files plus (if there is audio material involved) mp3 audio files. You will need suitable software applications to download them onto your computer.  For most modern computers this is usually straightforward.
Software requirements: Acrobat Reader; mp3 software (eg winamp, mediaplayer, itunes, vic player); a Zip compressor like winzip
System requirements: 1.5GHz pentium IV or comparable; 128 MB RAM, 40GB Hard Disk space, 32bit Sound Card; Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS X

Can I print out an e-Book I have bought?
Legally, you can print out only ONE copy for personal use. If you print out your single copy of an e-Book on a printer with a colour option, set the printer to black and white for a faster and more economical print, because some of our e-books have colour pages.

How long does it take to download the e-book files to my computer?

The time taken depends on your Internet connection, your modem and its operating speed. The MP3 files (for Listening and Speaking only) are the largest in size. Please check your Adobe Reader or Spam/Junk folders if you have problems locating the e-book files you have downloaded after purchasing, especially if you have a Mac computer.

Is there a refund on e-Books?

The Australian government’s consumer information is at:  www.accc.gov.au
We are not responsible for your internet connection, computer or software. In the rare situations where a download is unsuccessful, please make sure that your computer and internet connection are suitable to download the e-book. For most modern computers this should be simple and straightforward.

Is there copyright restriction on the IELTS on Track e-Books?
YES. IELTS on Track is copyright material, as indicated by the symbol © on every page. When you buy our e-Books you are buying a personal copy only. Any additional copying without a licence and without the written permission of copyright holders is strictly illegal. There is now more international policing of illegal copying. The authors belong to the Copyright Agency Limited of Australia (CAL) which guards our copyright.