Mini Tests

Welcome to the IELTSonTrack.com Writing test tasks.

This test offers you:

  • ONE Academic Writing Task 1 (Time: 20 minutes)
  • ONE General Training Writing Task 1 (Time: 20 minutes)
  • ONE Writing Task 2 as practice for both Academic and General Training (Time: 40 minutes)

In the actual Academic and General Training Writing tests, you would complete
Tasks 1 and 2 and have a total time of 60 minutes.

What to do

  • Choose a practice Task, read it carefully, plan you answer for a few minutes then write your response on paper (as in the real test). Keep to the time allowed.
  • Use the Planning Help if planning to write is new to you.
  • Afterwards, compare your answer with the sample answer and read the comments.

Remember, the sample answers are only examples of responses to the tasks – they are not perfect answers.