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Copyright and terms relating to use of site and materials

All users of this site will respect the copyright terms which apply to all materials, products or services on this site. Unless otherwise stated, the copyright over most of the material (text and images) or its use is vested in the authors or ieltsontrack.com. Any material with other copyright holders is subject to the same terms. Any copyright holders who may not have been located or acknowledged, are invited to contact ieltsontrack.com – The IELTSonTrack.com book cover design and its use on this website and its products is the sole property of ieltsontrack.com and is copyright protected. Neither that design nor any part of that design should be used by any third party illegally or without written permission from the copyright holders. – Our terms prevent the changing, editing, misrepresentation, or unauthorised use of any of the materials on this site, and require the maintenance of copyright holders’ information on any downloaded material. Any material downloaded or print books are sold ‘as is’ and must be for personal use only. No licence of any kind is granted for other uses. Any other legal uses require the written permission of the copyright holders. Permission requests or requirements of any kind can be addressed to IELTSonTrack.com. Illegal use of the site will risk immediate loss of user rights and site access.

Consumer Protection

Purchasers of print books even if living in other countries are protected by the Consumer Protection laws of Australia, the source country of IELTS on Track print books and e-Book products. You can visit the Australian ACCC site (www.accc.gov.au), particularly the Refunds section, to study consumer rights for online shopping in more detail. Any claim for a refund requires returning the book or books to our contact address undamaged (unless the claim is for damage), together with proof of purchase.

Purchasers of e-books that are downloaded are not able to gain the same protection as for a ‘physical’ product like a print book, and thus do not qualify for a refund based on damage. In the unlikely event of failure to download, it is the individual buyer’s responsibility, not the responsibility nor liability of IELTSonTrack.com, to ensure that the conditions in which the buyer’s internet connection is made, and the technical specifications of the buyer’s computer equipment and software are compatible with successful downloading of our e-book products.

Other terms

IELTSonTrack.com and copyright holders of its material have no liability for, nor offer any guarantee that the information available on this site is accurate, up-to-date, or comprehensive. Without prior notice, IELTSonTrack.com claims the right to make any changes to its site content or to its products that it deems necessary either by deletion, addition or other change, including to price or availability of products. Where there is information or links to information from other sites IELTSonTrack.com offers no guarantee of the accuracy, comprehensiveness, or reliability of that third party information, nor accepts liability or responsibility for any inaccuracy or omissions that third party material might contain.

Neither IELTSontrack.com, its copyright holders, nor any staff associated with its services or products accept liability nor responsibility of any kind, and with no limit, to third party claims for damage of any kind – financial, personal or property, for example, related to or resulting from use of this site and its services, information and print or downloaded materials. The individual user has sole responsibility for, inter alia, back up of data, protection of data, and the technical suitability and compatibility of software and computer used

IELTS on Track products are not sold with any warranty and no warranty conditions apply to its print books or e-books.

Release and Indemnity

By using this website you agree to all Terms of Use and all Data Protection and Privacy Policies expressed on this website. Any and all claims and/or liability against ieltsontrack.com, any copyright holders or authors from or in connection with use of this ieltsontrack website are waived. You also agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless ieltsontrack.com, its authors and copyright holders from and against, any and all claims or liability, including costs, arising from or in connection with your use of the ieltsontrack.com website.